Episode 156 Show Notes

SWTOR update 5.2 is finally here! It also brought a lot more than we had originally anticipated. There are new cutscenes for starting classes. There are hidden (use Google for) achievements including mini-pets! Of course you should enjoy the new story, the new dailies and the new Operation. Behind the scenes, Bioware has made a few changes as well. Ben Irving has moved to a new role within Bioware, and now Keith K. (Musco's boss) has moved into the sr producer slot. What can we expect moving forward? A road map! What value is a road map, and what do we want to see on it?

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Episode 155 Show Notes

It looks like game update 5.2 has been delayed. That's a big 'womp womp' for the whole player base. So what do we think caused the delay? It could be striving for quality or something more sinister...

There was also a rumor about the Bioware studio working on a remake of the original Knights of the Old Republic. Should this happen? 

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Episode 153 Show Notes

Bioware is bringing back Open World PVP! When the new planet Iokath comes to the game, we've learned that there will be open world PVP. We've also learned the requirements to enter this magical death zone. As we look over across the landscape, World of Warcraft is adding a new feature in game update 7.2. Its very similar to SWTOR's level sync, with much the same complaints. Discuss Level Sync!

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Episode 154 Show Notes

There's a new operation coming! Holy crap! What do we do? What should you do if you've never been in an operation before? Don't panic, the Bad Feeling Podcast is here to help. Listen to our simple steps for operation success! 

The new daily area on Iokath will allow players to switch their factions to complete different quests and bash opposing players in PVP. Why should/ shouldn't we be allowed to switch? Story choices matter, don't they?

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Episode 152 Show Notes

In our quest to find Swtor news, we found quite a lot to talk about. If this were a Mass Effect podcast, we'd be set! So, what should you do while the rest of your friends are playing a different game? There's a whole lot of fun activities to complete and titles to earn solo. Time to dust off those exploration achievements!  

Also, Bioware has added a new pack to the cartel market. Its the Agent's bundle. Are bundled packs a good way to go? What's in your bundle?

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