Episode 132 Show Notes

We know things! We know KOTET things! After the NY Comic Con Cantina, Bioware has unleashed plenty upon us, including a new trailer.

Episode 131 Show Notes

Where are we? What are we doing here? The Bad Feeling Podcast is here to help.

We answer the really tough questions about the current state of the Star Wars: The Old Republic, and then discuss what it would take to make this game the greatest ever. We clearly know what we're talking about. You can tell because gravitas and d--k jokes.

Episode 129 Show Notes

Chuck has finally played the HK bonus chapter, so we're going to talk about it! It feels like a completely different piece of Knights of the Fallen Empire for several reasons. The comedic value can't be understated and we'd like to see more of that aspect injected into the rest of the Knights expansions.  

Brian has been sitting home alone playing with his PVPNess in an entirely new way! Its called: Tanking. 

We talk through the difference in DPS and Tank roles in PVP and what those goals are.

Episode 130 Show Notes

Brian is abroad... again. Now, he's spending some time in a new destination, but some things remain the same no matter where you are. One of those is SWTOR. Chuck's adventure with a new consular has come to a surprising conclusion. Also, we start thinking about what makes the MMO genre unique. Its the people. For better or worse, there's a lot of other players out there. How do they affect your gameplay?

Episode 128 Show Notes

Its another slow new week for Star Wars the Old Republic, with one exception! EA has announced a re organization. Bioware will now be a part of a new team with Maxis and the mobile games division. 

While no one's really quite sure what this means, we take it upon ourselves to speculate wildly.