Episode 149 Show Notes

This week, we try to elevate the dialog! We make an attempt to understand Greg (ghostwalker) Street's article about the power of your unsubscription. I think we made a bunch of fart jokes instead! Also, Mardi Gras.

This week's outro:

Episode 148 Show Notes

Happy Valentine's Week! We've been showered with CXP. That means dicks all around. Not sure if that's really what we were after! Let's talk about the different factions in Swtor. Do we need them? How many do we need? 

In the second segment, we bring back the much-loved "I Wish" segment with some listener suggestions and some of our own. Enjoy!

Episode 146 Show Notes

They said it! The magic word we've all been waiting to hear! They said Operation! Its really happening! On this week's livestream, the SWTOR devs have discussed the content coming with release 5.2. Master mode uprisings, a new daily area, a new storyline, some companions, but most importantly the beginning of a new operation.  It'll be released one boss at a time. This has caused some discussion in the community.  

Patch 5.1 also brought a change in the Bolster system for PvP. Why is this a good or bad thing? Chuck gets Angry!

This week's outro music:

Episode 147 Show Notes

We had our cantina! We got drunk! What more could we ask for? Talkin' swtor with friends and devs. Once the mind fog lifts, we talk about the CXP changes in 5.1 and 5.1.1  What is going on right now?

This week's outro music:

Episode 145 Show Notes

As we await the coming of the next live stream, Chuck and Brian speculate about some of the changes we've seen in the SWTOR player base. Are we holding our breath in anticipation of the group content we all want? How is the CXP grind changing player behavior? Be on the look out for people trying new things!