Epsiode 171 Show Notes

The servers are back online, and calm has been restored to the land of Swtor. Let's discuss what happened. The daily areas that aren't Iokath are still giving out oodles of CXP. This is such a wonderful development, that we never want it to change! But what about the other daily CXP bonus activities? Is there a good way to make this bug a feature? Is it a payoff for having half a day of downtime during the patch that went awry? After the failed deployment of game update 5.4a, the servers were offline for hours. Now, people want their recompense. Is it deserved?

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Episode 170 Show Notes

Hey everyone! We're staying dry and our thoughts are with the people down on the Texas coast. It would appear, however that the flood waters washed all the bridge trolls to Austin! The Umbara stronghold remains unavailable for some players. There's been some ongoing discussion about the connection between stronghold completion and conquest bonus. Why? What's the point of getting conquest bonus or completing conquest?

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Episode 168 Show Notes

If your PVPNess stays hard for more than 4 weeks, you may have a problem. Again there's drama with the proposed changes to the PVP system. Now there's anger about how many unassembled components are granted for weekly and daily missions. What the heck, bro?  

We wish things were different and we list off some of our guildies' wishes too! Wish wish wish!


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Episode 169 Show Notes

Hey Friends! Make sure you tune in to a special Bad Feeling twitch stream on Thursday August 31st! We'll be hosting Eric Musco and Charles Boyd in the first ever Bad Feeling Buvette!
This episode we talk about game update 5.4 the Crisis on Umbara. What went wrong? Why the anguish? Listen in.
What is your ranked PVPness worth? We get rank!


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Episode 167 Show Notes

Haters and players and producers! Oh My! 
There's been some hate thrown around our beloved community of content creators. Let's discuss. Not everyone has the same tastes, but that's okay. 

This is the same argument a lot of folks use against Bioware for not producing the content they like best. Remember folks, we're all in this together - so we might as well make some dick jokes!

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