Episode 153 Show Notes

Bioware is bringing back Open World PVP! When the new planet Iokath comes to the game, we've learned that there will be open world PVP. We've also learned the requirements to enter this magical death zone. As we look over across the landscape, World of Warcraft is adding a new feature in game update 7.2. Its very similar to SWTOR's level sync, with much the same complaints. Discuss Level Sync!

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Episode 152 Show Notes

In our quest to find Swtor news, we found quite a lot to talk about. If this were a Mass Effect podcast, we'd be set! So, what should you do while the rest of your friends are playing a different game? There's a whole lot of fun activities to complete and titles to earn solo. Time to dust off those exploration achievements!  

Also, Bioware has added a new pack to the cartel market. Its the Agent's bundle. Are bundled packs a good way to go? What's in your bundle?

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Episode 150 Show Notes

We're back and Brian has sobered up (somewhat). We return from Mardi Gras break to find a whole crap load of dev posts!

Gear is coming back! More command ranks! Less command ranks! Things are for sale!

What the hell is going on? 

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Episode 151 Show Notes

We made it to another milestone. Episode 151! For no other reason than we forgot that we made 150 of these! Let's talk about how we got here. There's a lot of new players coming to the game, and its up to the Bad Feeling Podcast to give them some bad examples not to follow. 

First up: Our PvPNess! Listen for a few early tips and tricks if you're starting to get into warzones.

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Episode 149 Show Notes

This week, we try to elevate the dialog! We make an attempt to understand Greg (ghostwalker) Street's article about the power of your unsubscription. I think we made a bunch of fart jokes instead! Also, Mardi Gras.

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