Episode 165 Show Notes

The Sisters of Carnage have arrived! Brian really wanted them to be characters on GLOW, but instead they are the new Operations boss encounter. 


SWTOR update 5.3 brings us a new boss encounter, a new stronghold on the water world of Manaan and the removal of legacy smuggling tunings and crystals. Also included: So much Internet rage!

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Episode 164 Show Notes

When update 5.3 comes to us next week, we'll see a new stronghold! Brian is holding out for the Oricon ocean of lava stronghold, but the smart money is on Swtor taking their talents to Manaan. A Deep Water Sanctuary might be a slight clue.
While looking at the dev post, we noticed that the cartel coin to credit ratio seems a bit skewed. What's that all about?
While we're at it, <segue> let's talk about the cartel market changes and what we'd like to see with new packs and combo packs!

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Episode 162 Show Notes

We're here and we're alive! There's been a lot going on over the past couple of weeks. Chuck has expanded his Legacy to include some Indianers. He also brought home a gnarly Indiana cough. In the time since our last episode, Brian had a chance to sit down with the new lead producer, Mr. Keith Kanneg. We got to talk about a wide variety of topics that have been of concern for the playerbase. Server merges, class changes and more are inside!

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Episode 163 Show Notes

Let's take a look at the community topics that our friends at Bioware have posted. There's the issue of Master Mode Operations Loot Drops - not gonna touch that one. 

Cartel Market packs are changing - hard pass.

Bolster - Chuck will Rage!

Class Changes - Everyone will Rage! 

Listen to the disaster that is Episode 163!

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Episode 161 Show Notes

It looks like Keith came through for us in the end! Our first road map was delivered in the month of May. As was expected, the community was typically negative. Listen to our thoughts on the near term goals for SWTOR and what we're looking forward to the most!

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