Episode 180 Show Notes

Its Friday and there has been a lot of news this week! 

Most of it doesn't concern Star Wars The Old Republic, however, there has been an update on the new PVP that should be coming with Game Update 5.6.

Its not coming with Game Update 5.6. The new map has been delayed until December. We'd rather it be delayed and done correctly than on time and ruined.

If you've seen the Internet in the past week, you may have noticed quite a few posts about EA's launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2. The pay-to-win boxes and buying power seems like a really bad idea. 

As luck would have it, EVERYONE thinks its a bad idea.


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Episode 179 Show Notes

The servers have merged! There were some ups, some downs, some more ups and now the forces have united!

Are you one of the folks that demanded compensation? Maybe you're one of the players that wants classic Swtor servers? 

Blizzard has announced that World of Warcraft will be adding 'Classic' servers. Would this be a good fit for Swtor? 

How far does nostalgia carry you when you have to pay for training abilities, have no speeder, and quick travel has a 30 minute cooldown?

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Episode 177 Show Notes

Server merges are approaching! The Forces begin to Unite! Unless you happen to play on the West Coast. SWTOR has closed the west coast data center and relocated those servers. Now all server are on the East Coast and this is causing some heartache and lag for APAC and West Coast players. We're hoping this can get resolved soon!

Did you miss the Bad Feeling Two-vette last week? We'll recap a couple of the highlights just for you! Cheers!

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Episode 178 Show Notes

Companions! Where have they gone? When will they be back? We miss our cherished lovers and are eagerly awaiting their return! 

In the live stream last month, Bioware gave us a long list of companions whose returns are "in the works". What does this mean? There are several different ways to get a companion back. Let's discuss some dos and don'ts for companion reunions. 
As you know, the SWTOR servers are merging soon! This will be great, but it may leave you lost in a sea of nameless strangers. Where should you turn? Find yourself a guild!!! If you're on The Star Forge server, come join us in <Has a Bad Feeling> or <Loves Twi'Leks and Spice> There are things you'll want to look for in your guild to make sure you're getting the most out of your Swtor time!

Episode 176 Show Notes

Its almost Buvette time again! We're super excited to sit down with the Bioware guys again. Before we get there, let's discuss a couple of things that have been happening around the Star Wars video game landscape. 

Electronic Arts announced the closing of Visceral studios - the home of an upcoming Star Wars title. Why would they do this? What does this mean for the Star Wars gaming landscape in general? 

You may have noticed, but its October. Everywhere around us we see colors of fall and the sights of Halloween, with the exception of inside Swtor. There's not a lot of real-world holidays in The Old Republic. What gives? 

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